Powerhouse Controls

Specialized expertise across a wide spectrum of industries and systems.

At Powerhouse Controls, we have a proven track record of successfully designing, engineering and installing systems for all types of applications including complex, customized drive and automation systems involving large and unique equipment.

In addition to power distribution, drive components and automation systems, we are also skilled at designing and integrating all the necessary operator interfaces, communication networks, data acquisition systems and safety devices.

Each solution is tailor made to suit each application

Whether it's a large-scale, robust drive system for the mining industry, or the high-speed precision of a machining operation, we understand the nuances and specialized requirements of each one. We know a lot more than just "bits and bytes" when it comes to drive and automation solutions. We have a wealth of experience with electro-mechanical applications and understand that every production process has moving components.

Sometimes our recommended solution differs from what our client is expecting.

Our clients hire us to give them our best advice. We use our own disciplined methodology to thoroughly analyze and assess each individual application and then recommend what we believe to be the best solution. No matter what the final course of action is, we believe it's our responsibility to ensure that any decision made is fully informed.